What our clients say about their new smiles:

It always makes us proud to hear our clients talk about thier new smiles and how it has changed their lives.

Jay Severin   "Why wait? It's the best thing I've ever done. Dr. Houghton is the Michelangelo of Cosmetic Dentistry."
– Jay Severin, 96.9 WTKK
Howie Carr   "I love my new Perfect Smiles smile. People tell me I look younger and I'm not afraid to grin anymore. I wish I'd found Perfect Smiles 25 years ago - I might be on TV today instead of radio."
– Howie Carr, AM 680, WRKO
Michael Graham   "So many listeners have told me that when they got their perfect smile like I did from Perfect Smiles, it changed more than their appearance – it changed their lives."
– Michael Graham, 96.9 WTKK
Carolyn Choate   "Meeting Dr. Houghton and his wife Stephany was a real miracle in my life when I really needed one. I was absolutely thrilled that they were thrilled to work with me and found the smile that I had always wanted, that I had been looking for my whole life."
– Carolyn Choate, Anchor, Channel 13, Nashua, NH
Judy   "Dr Houghton not only cares about the preventitive care of his patients, he cares very much about the aesthetics. In cosmetic dentistry, aesthetics are very important to the patient - you want to make sure you look as natural as possible."
– Judy
Jeff   "For many years I’ve been ashamed of my smile. I’m in sales so I needed a better smile. After consulting with Dr. Houghton and after two short visits, I went out to my meetings in California a new man with my new smile thanks to Dr. Houghton.”
– Jeffrey
Sarah   "I'm a vocalist and a pianist and for years I suffered tremendously from TMJ. Dr. Houghton was able to find the right position for my jaw therefore relaxing the muscles. Once this happened, my TMJ symptoms went away. I no longer had a clicking jaw, numbness in my fingers, and was completely relieved of all my pain."
– Sarah


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