Advanced Technologies

Technology has literally changed dentistry. Dr. Houghton employs the latest technology and techniques in materials and treatments available today.

These are some of the advancements we offer at Perfect Smiles:

Lasers catapult procedures into the 21st century by changing methods to achieve much better processes and results. This translates to less invasive procedures that heal more rapidly and are so much more comfortable. The use of lasers in dentistry allows precise sculpting of gums for improved aesthetic results, as well as a much gentler process for patients when we place implants. These are just a few of the uses of lasers in dentistry today.

Digital Radiography
These x-rays use 90% less radiation compared to standard dental x-ray equipment. And since the images are taken with and stored in a computer, no chemicals are needed, making the equipment environmentally friendly.

Computer Imaging
Ever wonder what you would look like with your perfect smile? Computer imaging can now show you changes in your smile before any work is ever done. This is fun to do and is done at no cost to you. Just ask us.