Facial Symmetry

The first law of beauty is symmetry…

Symmetry is part of a Perfect Smile. What happens when we don’t have symmetry in our face? When one eye is more round, and one is longer? When our eyes, teeth, and/or lips are not parallel with the horizon?

Until very recently, surgery was the only alternative for correcting facial asymmetry. Thanks to an amazing new dental technique, most cases of facial asymmetry can now be corrected without surgery! It’s real, it works, we’re excited about it, and we’re the only ones in New England certified to bring this technique to you!  If you are a candidate, incorporating these changes while creating a new smile can be accomplished very quickly, sometimes within one month! Simple, non-invasive tests can tell us if you are a candidate for this procedure.

A symmetrical face and smile are the main ingredients in beauty and elegance. Why is this important? Because we are attracted to this, we gravitate to these smiles. It gives us a new level of confidence which boosts our self-esteem. We smile more, which improves our relationships, in both personal and business realms.

If you’re interested in restoring facial symmetry as part of your smile makeover, call us!