Gallery of Smiles

“We smile in sympathy, in greeting, in apology, in appreciation. It is without doubt the most important social bonding signal in the human gestural repertoire.”
– Desmond Morris, Anthropologist

Here are some before and after photos of Dr. Houghton’s work:

Justin Aquirre had a smile makeover to whiten, straighten and better align his teeth.
Marcus had completely lost his smile. He was missing several teeth and needed implants. A number of teeth were chipped or broken. He had many older crowns and old dentistry. He also grinded his teeth causing the tops of his bottom teeth to flatten and there was loss of enamel and discoloration throughout his mouth. After a thorough analysis, we decided the best approach would be to remove all of Marcus’ old crowns, insert four implants, and replace his old fillings with new white ones. We then delivered a beautiful new smile by applying new crowns and veneers.
Judy’s mouth was filled with “old dentistry” which had deteriorated through the years. Several of her teeth were chipped and fractured. She also had severe color mismatching and many teeth were disproportionate in size. We were able to sculpt her teeth to properly adjust the balance for a more natural looking smile. We replaced her old fillings and cleaned up other internal work. The end result was a complete smile makeover that provided Judy with a stunningly white and beautiful smile.